Bermuda Drain (stream)


On these nine tracks, we can clearly hear the echoes of Prurient's howling past, but are also faced with something perhaps even more unsettling - that being the territory of the unknown present and its indication of possible futures. The album, both in content and sound, is at once violent, magnetic, abrasive and emotional. The more we listen the deeper we fall into it, taking what has been provided and using it as a tool for our own self reflection.
If the true idea of noise is perpetual freedom, then Bermuda Drain may well be the genre's most profoundly challenging record since Merzbow went laptop. Bermuda Drain is a boldly melodic, beat based synth record, complete with the very verse/chorus/bridge structures that the community so often defines it self by eschewing. The Prurient of today is more truly in line with the original spirit of noise than ever before.
Photography by Ari Marcopoulos.


+  : On December 11, Hydra Head will reach catalog number HYH-236-1 and end its run with Worship is the Cleansing of the Imagination, a full-length split between restless noise bender Prurient and the broken industrial blasts of JK Flesh, the latest handle of Godflesh/Jesu leader Justin K. Broadrick. Its last track, Prurient's "I Understand You", is an aptly faltering beauty. Led by a miniature keyboard melody, the piece unfurls over seven minutes, gradually opening up to a gale of leer and squelch. The distress stops well short of typical Prurient levels, though, hovering around the theme more than haranguing it. At the end, only the noise remains, writhing without the ballast of the hook; still, "I Understand You" feels a little like a eulogy, revering the existence of a bold musical institution while regretting its end.

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